“Young people in society” A regional newspaper writes about the Contact Making Seminar

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“Les jeunes dans la société” translated “Young people in Society” is the title of the article issued on December 19th of 2014, in La Dépèche du Midi, a regional daily newspaper published in Toulouse (South-West France). The article is about the contact making Seminar in Laguépie, the first stage to the project aiming to improve active participation and social inclusion of youth within the Mediterranean countries.

Check out the article in french here.

Or read the translated version below:

Young people in society

It’s the main topic of the seminar organized from 8th to 14th December 2014 and hosted by the association Citrus, in Laguépie.

The Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) prepared and leaded the project and debates for the Seminar*. This Committee is a non-governmental organisation based at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

One of the main goals of International Voluntary Service is to raise young people’s awareness about society issues, to stress out the importance of solidarity and active participation in society. These factors are crucial for strengthening the culture of peace worldwide.

During one week, thirty representatives from fourteen European, Middle East and Maghreb countries gathered up to establish strong relations for future partnerships between the Mediterranean region countries*. The aim of this cooperation is to increase active participation and social inclusion amongst young people in and between these countries.

The steering team and participants would like to thank Citrus and the village of Laguépie for their welcome!

Many thanks to La Dépèche du Midi for writing about our project!


*Some errors have been modified in the translation from the original article.

(Photo credit: La Dépèche du Midi)

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