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Anti-radicalisation and Non Violent Communication on the Peace Builders Training Course, June 2016

During one week, from 1st June until 7th of June 2016, 23 participants and facilitators gathered in France for a Peace Builders Training Course. The event was coordinated by CCIVS and hosted by Concordia Le Mans. The participants were from the MEDA region and focused on non-violent communication and anti-radicalisation. The group started by defining the […]

Euro-MEDA IVS organisations’ recommendations for future cooperation

International Voluntary Service (IVS) organisations which participated in the Campaign “Contact Making to Youth Participation; the Strengthening of a Culture of Peace Focusing on Active Participation and Social Inclusion among Young People in the EU and the Southern Mediterranean” launched by CCIVS in 2014-2015 and co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, wrote recommendations for future cooperation. […]

Staff exchange review by Sandrine from AECHF (Palestine) visiting CID (Macedonia)

Sandrine, project coordinator at Association d’Echanges Culturels Hébron-France (AECHF) in Palestine is happy to share with us her experience of visiting Center for Interncultural Dialogue (CID) in Macedonia for potential future partnerships between the two International Voluntary Service Organisation. “My staff exchange was organized by the Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) in Kamanovo (Macedonia). I […]

Learning more about each other – Youth work within the Arabic-Arabic framework

One of the main goals of the “Contact 2 Participation” project is to re-establish cooperation between countries that have witnessed a recent decline in youth participation and exchange of volunteers. However, cooperation can rarely be established without sufficient knowledge about the partners and their respective situations. We have therefore asked some of the participants of […]

“Young people in society” A regional newspaper writes about the Contact Making Seminar

“Les jeunes dans la société” translated “Young people in Society” is the title of the article issued on December 19th of 2014, in La Dépèche du Midi, a regional daily newspaper published in Toulouse (South-West France). The article is about the contact making Seminar in Laguépie, the first stage to the project aiming to improve […]

Short impressions of our participants!

At the end of the seminar, we asked our participants to anonymously summarize their impressions in as few words possible. Here are the messages they left us: “Seminar was insightful, rich with info & sharing of details & ideas for future cooperation!”  “Engaging seminar, participatory and full of dynamics!” “Everything was perfect!” “Nice people, I never laughed and […]

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