The international voluntary service movement was born in 1920 at a meeting at a school in Bilthoven, Netherlands, appropriately enough
After the Second World War many non-governmental agencies all over Europe began to be active in reconstruction and in bringing
"As a world coordination centre for the workcamp movement, CoCo came as a disappointment to some. They expected smooth professionals,
For the first couple of years, the CoCo was run by several not very long term volunteers. The head of
“Creative chaos, best describes the state of our office during the early 1960s when Arthur Gillette and I were running
“We did just that, arguing that volunteer service should not be... a complement, a cheap addition to “proper” technical assistance,
“Today voluntary service is not just a desirable activity but it is an activity that is badly needed. It is
The famous writer, Albert Camus, who was a supporter of SCI, commented on the volunteers: “A writer who wants to
At the turn of the 21st century, IVS had to adapt again to the new trends provoked still by the


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