Advocacy & Networking

CCIVS organises inter-regional projects of IVS organisations, global meetings and participates in        institutional forums to defend the priorities of the IVS movement

In order to strengthen the competences of the network and to share its expertise, CCIVS seeks to build new partnerships with organisations outside of the IVS movement. Through collaborating on common projects, inviting experts to facilitate the work of the network and providing services, CCIVS facilitates cooperation between IVS organisations and other institutions.


- Centralises information, materials and tools which are developed by the CCIVS and the IVS movement. These tools are regularly revised and upscaled depending on the needs of the members.

- Coordinates Inter-regional projects seeking to bring together IVS organisations and a diversity of actors connected to our work.

- Coordinates the global meetings of IVS network representatives, taking place at least two times a year these meetings serve to share updates, highlight issues facing the networks, to work on these, and to develop common campaigns.

- Sends representatives to diverse meetings, institutional forums and platforms in order to promote and to lobby for, specific priorities of the IVS movement.

The Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS), Service Civil International (SCI), the Alliance of European Voluntary Service organisations and Network for Voluntary Development Asia (NVDA) believe in a just world without discrimination where all people can fully enjoy their Human Rights including freedom of movement. We strive for a world in which every citizen has the opportunity to participate actively in the construction of a just global society.


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