About Raising Peace

Raising Peace is a networking initiative that aims to contribute to the construction of peace, the guarantee of human rights all over the world, and to highlight the role that International Voluntary Service (IVS) plays in this field. The campaign achieves this through advocating for human rights, non-formal education training and capacity building, empowerment of activists and organisations and through communication and visibility campaigns.

Raising Peace unites 8 International and regional networks from the IVS Movement (WAVAN, NAVO, SEEYN, SCI, NVDA, ICYE, IBO, Alliance) which coordinated by the CCIVS work together in order to implement the yearly campaign.

Raising Peace focuses on the following themes:

- Human Rights for All

- Refugees & Migrants, Freedom of Movement

- Right to live in Peace

- Gender Rights

- Right to Food & Housing

- Right to Participation

All actions implemented by partners of the campaign focus on one or more of these themes. During the Global Human Rights week we seek to highlight the work implemented and to share expertise on these rights.


The Raising Peace campaign is supported by

The Raising Peace Campaign aims at strengthening and improving the visibility of the role of the International Voluntary Service movement in the construction of Peace and Human Rights, through raising awareness, training activists and making advocacy and networking.
In 2019, there were 60 Raising Peace Camps all around the world, focusing on Migrant and refugee rights, freedom of movement, and universal civil rights; Access to food & housing and to a sustainable and dignified life; Gender rights, sexual and personal bodily autonomy; To live in peace at a local, regional, and international level; To participation, ensuring citizens can freely be involved in human rights and peace issues. Click here to join Raising Peace 2021 and register your workcamp!

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