Upcoming event: Training for Peace Trainers SEEDING Peace

The training for Peace Trainers SEEDING Peace is taking place in Turkey from 07/09/2018 to 13/09/2018. It aims at facilitating the creation of the Pool of Trainers that will give capacity to IVS organsiations and networks to deliver high quality trainings for their leaders, as well as awareness-raising workshops in their activities.

Participants will be sent from the partner organisations in Netherlands, Coratia, CAtalunya, Hunary, France, Greece, UK, Nigeria and Palestine.

The hosting organisation is Gençtur. The training venue is Afacan Youth House in Yenişakran town in Izmir.


The potential of the Raising Peace Campaign (RPC) will be consolidated in 2018 by standardising the RP tools and implementing Impact measurement, empowering a bigger group of supporters and a Pool of Trainers, and strengthening our network with stakeholders (2018 = 70 years of CCIVS).


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