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Raising Peace

Raising Peace is a networking initiative that aims to contribute to the construction of peace, the guarantee of human rights all over the world, and to highlight the role that International Voluntary Service (IVS) plays in this field. The program achieves this through advocating for human rights, non-formal education training and capacity building, empowerment of activists and organisations and through communication and visibility campaigns.

Raising Peace unites 9 International and regional networks from the IVS Movement (WAVAN, SAWC, SEEYN, SCI, NVDA, ICYE, IBO, EAVS, Alliance) which coordinated by the CCIVS work together in order to implement the yearly campaign.

Raising Peace focuses on the following themes:

  • Human Rights for All
  • Refugees & Migrants
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Right to live in Peace
  • Gender Rights
  • Right to Food & Housing
  • Right to Participation

In 2021, CCIVS is organising projects focusing on Social Inclusion and Volunteering in Conflict/ Post Conflict Areas, including a Study Visit to Palestine (converted to be a virtual format due to the pandemic impact), upscaling an Inclusive Voluntary Service Toolkit and an existing publication Conflict and Volunteering. We will share the Inclusive Voluntary Service Toolkit with you in June. We are running a training course on volunteering in conflict (online) and an evaluation seminar (hosted by SCI Hellas) to analyse the impact of projects related to volunteering in conflict areas. CCIVS foresees to organise a Training on the Role of Intercultural Voluntary Projects in the Process of Inclusion and Participation of Young Refugees in September hosted by Solidarités Jeunesses in France.

Read HERE the CCIVS Social Inclusion Strategy 2018-2020.

IVS for Climate Justice

IVS for Climate Justice is a worldwide campaign taking place in over 100 countries, coordinated by CCIVS (A global network focusing on International Voluntary Service), bringing together the activities of six International Voluntary Service networks, CCIVS, Service Civil International (SCI), The International Building Organisation (IBO), Alliance of European Voluntary Service organisations, Network for Voluntary Development Asia (NVDA) and International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE). It engages volunteers with local communities to work on grassroots projects that combine manual work and awareness-raising actions. These address issues such as climate change, carbon offset, environmental sustainability, protection of ecosystems, water and soil management and conservation.

As part of the International Voluntary Service (IVS) movement, we consider climate justice as an inevitable brick in building a sustainable future and creating a just and fair society. Our members, projects and activities stretch across the entire globe, uniting people of all ages and backgrounds. IVS projects and activities are a powerful tool to support local communities worldwide, and allow to reallocate resources and capacities. By taking active steps against climate change and demonstrating solidarity with most vulnerable population groups and peoples, we assume our responsibility in the global sustainability challenge and seek to do our part in attaining climate justice.

Each year our short-term workcamps represent:


CCIVS is a partner in the Legambiente project Soil4Life supported by the LIFE programme, which aims to promote sustainable use of the soil as a strategic, limited and non-renewable resource. A goal in line with the commitment signed by the European countries at the United Nations table, through adherence to the Sustainable Development Goals –SDG.


One of the aims of the Campaigns is to encourage members, partners and activists to design and implement projects on Peace and Human Rights and to highlight their visibility, specifically

  • encourage IVS organisations to join the campaign and coordinate workcamps and voluntary initiatives promoting social inclusion, intercultural dialogue, active participation, gender equality, civic engagement, young people’s access to rights, environmental protection;
  • raise awareness on the dimension of peace and human rights in the above-mentioned projects through workshops, study parts, learning sessions coordinated by youth workers, who will propose Raising Peace educational resources;
  • to encourage IVS organisations to implement peace projects and initiatives in conflict and post conflict areas, in order to strengthen the peace dimension of IVS on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the movement.

Thanks to the contribution and enthusiasm of the organisations that joined the Campaigns, these actions proved that the commitment of the IVS movement to work in this field is particularly strong and provided concrete results to share externally for ADVOCACY actions.

One effective way to support the Campaign is to organise Raising Peace / Climate Justice Camps: workcamps with a special focus on human rights education, peacebuilding activities and actions related to peace or climate justice. The camps can organise a related workshop or can present specific activities aimed at the promotion of Human Rights and Climate Justice. And we especially encourage you to organise camps or workshop on Social Inclusion and Conflict / Post Conflict Areas/ Soil Protection and Management.

Please share with us your Camp/ local awareness action details by filling the online form HERE. We kindly invite you to fill in the form as soon as possible.


Organising a Raising Peace Camp and Climate Justice Camp is highly beneficial, both for your organisation and for the whole IVS movement:

  • you will contribute actively to the Raising Peace & Climate Justice Campaign 2021, providing your support to the mission and objectives of our movement;
  • the Campaign label will provide more visibility to your project, increasing the chances to attract more participants and local stakeholders and financial partners;
  • we will promote your projects through the webpage and through social media and other external representation events, enlarging their visibility and their impact;
  • we will highlight the results of your projects during our Campaign reports to our donors and institutional partners;
  • you will receive the official logo and useful material, including toolkits and communication packs;
  • you can apply for the CCIVS’ micro-grants to support the implementation of your awareness-raising actions.

Financial Support

Financial support is available for 20 selected camps /local actions on Social Inclusion or Soil Protection which engage the local community and local authorities and will take place in the Council of Europe member states. This can be in the form of a one-off event or a longer-term project such as a ‘workcamp’ a 2-3 week-long volunteer program.

Organisations have to submit the original purchase receipts to justify the costs, as well as a narrative report (template) and photos of your project.

Social Inclusion dimension, and the fund can be used as:

  1. experts fee for the workshop related to social inclusion;
  2. printing of pedagogical and promotional materials;
  3. documentation, reporting, local awareness-raising communication action(eg. press release kit, digital storytelling cost);
  4. online event tools (eg. Zoom, Menti…)

Per action can receive up to 450 EUR support.

SOIL4LIFE dimension and the fund can be used for the awareness-raising and dissemination purpose (eg. printing flyers/banners, create a written report, photo/video production, etc).

More advice on SOIL4Life Raising Awareness Toolkit.

Per action can receive up to 350 EUR support.


Furthermore, you can make a donation through Paypal on this link or to the CCIVS bank account –please write to the secretariat by email to inform you have made the donation and clearly state this when making the payment.

The fund will allocate small grants to projects outside of COE countries up to 250€ per project and following the same guidelines as for the RP grants.*

*The grants will be allocated to organisations applying to the RP and CJ campaign and requesting financial support from outside COE countries. Grants will only be allocated if there are funds in the pot and will be given on a first come first serve basis to all projects meeting the eligibility requirement as written for the existing RP and CJ workshop grants

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