Management meeting

The Raising Peace Steering Team Meeting 2019 took place in Barcelona, Spain, from 4th to 8th April and was hosted SCI Catalunya. The Steering Team of the Raising Peace Campaign is composed of representatives of member organisations, members of the CCIVS Secretariat and representatives from the Sister networks Participants came from South Africa Volunteer Work Camp Association, Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations, COCAT, South East European Youth Network, SCI, SIW, Solidarites Jeunesses, Citizens in Action, SCI France, Service Civil International, SCI Catalunya, Fundación SES, NVDA and CCIVS. The Steering Team members are in charge of different tasks such as communication, promotion of the Raising Peace Campaign and project support. We were supported by Mauro Carta, facilitator of the Steering Team Meeting and a member of the Pool of Trainers of Service Civil International since 2013.

During the week, the participants evaluated the Raising Peace campaign of 2018, identifying areas of improvement, good practices, sensitive issues and contributions from the networks. The Steering Team also developed indicators and questionnaires to measure impact on RP camps and proposed guidelines for the Global Human Rights Week. At the end of the meeting, the team worked on the communication and visibility strategy, the plan of action with the definition of roles and responsibilities and inputs for Raising Peace 2020. The participants had the opportunity to discuss the Human Rights topics, how to integrate environmental issues and the new proposal for Raising Peace 2020 which will focus on volunteering in conflict areas.

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