Local awareness activities 2021

One of the aims of the Raising Peace campaign is to encourage members, partners and activists to design and implement local awareness projects on Peace and Human Rights and to highlight their visibility, specifically

  • encourage IVS organisations to join the campaign and coordinate workcamps and voluntary initiatives promoting social inclusion, intercultural dialogue, active participation, gender equality, civic engagement, young people‚Äôs access to rights, environmental protection;
  • raise awareness on the dimension of peace and human rights in the above-mentioned projects through workshops, study parts, learning sessions coordinated by youth workers, who will propose Raising Peace educational resources;
  • to encourage IVS organisations to implement peace projects and initiatives in conflict and post conflict areas, in order to strengthen the peace dimension of IVS on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the movement.

Thanks to the contribution and enthusiasm of the organisations that joined the Campaigns, these actions proved that the commitment of the IVS movement to work in this field is particularly strong and provided concrete results to share externally for ADVOCACY actions.

One effective way to support the Campaign is to organise Raising Peace / Climate Justice Camps: workcamps with a special focus on human rights education, peacebuilding activities and actions related to peace or climate justice. The camps can organise a related workshop or can present specific activities aimed at the promotion of Human Rights and Climate Justice. And this year, we especially encourage organising camps or workshops on Social Inclusion and Conflict / Post Conflict Areas/ Soil Protection and Management.

Read the benefits and how to join by checking our latest post.

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