Human Rights for All

As we mark the beginning of the Global Human Rights week, I would like to highlight some of the tremendous multiple challenges evident in the present times.

Freedom of Movement

Humanity has always moved all around the world since its early ages. People travel for several reasons, such as study, work, holidays. But they are often also forced to move to flee persecutions, wars, economic crisis and natural disasters.

Right to Food and Housing: a Southern Africa Perspective

Quoting the 2017 World Food Prize Laureate Dr Akinwumi Adesina’s “Vision Statement”, economic diversification and lasting wealth creation begin with sustainable food production, vibrant agriculture sector and decent housing for all.

Without gender rights, there are no human rights

Why are we here today? Why are you here today? What made you get involved in your respective organisations? What made you want to help? To change things, to make the world a better place?

Is it an idealistic state?

Living and promoting activism in a region often related to conflicts due to its turbulent recent past, as well as witnessing consequences of war decades after it happened, help us understand why peace should by no means be perceived as utopia, but a crucial human right for well-being and prosperous future of the new generations.

Apraajita - I will not give in

India traditionally and culturally has followed patriarchal social system where men hold the power and women are mostly excluded from it. They are not involved in decision making process, are considered weaker to men, do not get share in family property and are first to compromise due to social pressure.

"Practical and integrated capacity building in sustainable food production and agriculture is an essential tool for addressing the challenge of food insecurity in Africa" Dilman Amtabi

Liguria Pride Village

Even though attitudes and legislation concerning the LGBT+ community have improved over the last decade, discrimination is still present in our societies.

Environmental and Natural Heritage Emergency in Bolivia

How to start narrating what happened, especially if it is still happening? the present is still gray and cloudy as Chiquitanía forest, Roboré forest, Madidi Park and San Matías, as the burned forests of Bolivian Amazon…

Democratic confederalism in north-east Syria

Since 2012, a « revolution » has been undergoing in the north of Syria, mainly in Rojava (inhabitated by a majority of Kurdish people).

Volunteering for Peace in Athens

Volunteering for Peace is a co-creative project established by SCI Hellas in cooperation with the Community of Afghan migrants and refugees in Greece, the Ivory Coast community and other refugee and migrant communities and organizations within Athens.

Why are they dying and why is nobody helping them?

It all started with a question, as simple as provoking: why are they dying and why is nobody helping them? Open Arms was created to provide a concrete and immediate answer.

When participation also depends on gender equality

In 2014, Action Aid published a report showing that 87 percent of interviewed women and girls had faced sexual harassment in public places. In 2018, Vietnamese police recorded 1,547 child abuse cases, but media appoint that real numbers are suspected to be much higher.

"Workcamps like this bring people together to promote sustainable ways of living with concrete deeds. Meeting likeminded volunteers from all over the world made our efforts more meaningful and effective" Denise, Erguvan and Zumba the dog - SCI Italy

From Human Rights to the Global Development Goals

In the framework of an ongoing wider research about the impact of the Raising Peace campaign, which also includes field visits and community interviews, volunteers involved in the actions part of the campaign answered a quantitative survey using pretest/posttest design aimed at assessing the changes brought to the volunteers by the program.

Lives transformed into numbers

Alan Kurdi was three years old when he appeared dead in Turkey. It was 2nd September 2015 and a picture of him laying down on the sand, captured by Nilufer Demir, became famous and controversial worldwide.

Soil Protection and Management Training

The latest results of studies on the state of soil on our planet are extremely alarming. We are losing topsoil at a rapid rate, faster than it can be created and restored.

Gender Blender and GEWG

Are IVS activities effective to promote gender rights, sexual and personal bodily autonomy? What is the IVS impact on gender issues?

What means peace for you?

“Subir al Sur” is a program of “SES Foundation” that promotes peace education through voluntary service without cultural or social distinctions.

On the escalation of the repression against social movements in Ecuador

The entities that make up the Alliance of Organizations for Development Effectiveness in Latin America and the Caribbean -AOED- strongly repudiate the acts of violence, repression and intimidation carried out by the Lenin Moreno government in our sister Republic of Ecuador

"We are privileged, because you came to us". a mother said to another. Those were the most touching words I heard the last day of my workcamp in the assylum centre. In this moment I ascertained in which paradoxical world we live. It's us, the international volunteers, abled to travel from all around the world to organise animation activities for the inhabitants of the centre got this enrichening opportunity. We are all grateful for this amazing experience! Larissa Soledad Fankhauser, volunteer with VIA Belgium

Ahero Resource Center

The Ahero Resource Center, located in an area devoted to agriculture in East Kenya, is a “one-stop-shop” offering a variety of services to the local community.

Edugaming and Divided Past-Joint Future

“EduGaming in Diverse Communities” is a project within the programme “Divided Past – Joint Future”, implemented by the organisation OKC Banjaluka, in cooperation with several other SEEYN members.

Our Rights, Our Voices, Our Future

The first twenty years of the 21st century have almost passed and, in spite of the impressive technological development of the last decades, we still witness human rights violations and threats to peace all over the world.

“Engaging refugees and migrants in voluntary activities is a way to empower local communities, who can better manage conflicts and build peace through artistic events and music.” Edward Kaweesa, UVDA director, about the Ethno Project in Uganda

This publication is the result of a cooperative project for the Global Human Rights Week, part of the Raising Peace campaign by CCIVS. This project is funded by the European Youth Foundation.

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