Global Human Rights Week 2018


Global Human Rights Week (15th – 20st October 2018)

Organised within the framework of the Raising Peace Campaign



The Global Human Rights Week is a global networking event coordinated by CCIVS in the framework of the Raising Peace Campaign and supported by the Council of Europe and the European Youth Foundation.

Its main task is to provide visibility to the challenges related to Peace and Human Rights worldwide, focusing on the actions implemented by the IVS movement on these specific topics. These initiatives share common goals: to cast a spotlight on the current situations of Human Rights, to encourage grassroots activism and to promote social change. To do this, we need your contribution: if you are an organisation, a social movement, an activist, a volunteer, join the Global Human Rights Week!

Global Human Rights Week 2018

During the days from Monday, 15th October, to Saturday, 20th October 2018, CCIVS supported by 6 networks belonging to the IVS movement, coordinated the GHRW 2018. They organised awareness-raising initiatives, communication and advocacy actions on their chosen topics of Human Rights and Peace. Under the general supervision of CCIVS, the activists involved in the coordination of the event made great efforts in creating a global communication network to share the information on the projects and to provide a greater visibility to all the actions. Every day of the GHRW was focused on a different topic, whose contents were published on the social media channels of a leading network and shared by all the other networks:

During the 3-month preparatory phase, a team made up of the GHRW coordinator, graphic designers, HR activists and representatives of the networks took part in Skype meetings and exchanged information on the contents to be produced, designed and posted. Institutions, foundation, NGOs and contact persons for campaigns on HR were also invited to contribute to the GHRW. The contents included:

– opening posts
– articles focused on the different topics
– Raising Peace camp cards
– visual cards with quotes on Human Rights
– volunteer testimonials
– educational resources & toolkits
– links to online articles
– cartoons
– references to projects and working groups related to Human Rights and Peace
– additional visual material.
– links to campaign on HRs and Peace

Thanks to the big efforts of the networks, the activists involved in the coordination and the external contributions received, the GHRW gained a global dimension and could deliver a strong message to a vast audience.

GHRW 2018 Opening post by Rocio Ruete, CCIVS Executive Committee member



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