Ready, Set… Peace Action!

The current social context, both in Europe and in the MENA region, is characterized by the presence of conflicts, occupation, refugee crisis, rise in extremism, poverty and social exclusion. This project means to offer an opportunity for young people, activists and volunteers belonging to the IVS movement to design innovative responses to these contexts, in order to produce social change at local and international level and to raise awareness on the topics of Peace and Human Rights. The methodology of media education has been chosen in order to strengthen commitment of organisations and the involvement of participants.

“m.Education: Ready, Set… Peace Action! – Media Education in Awareness Actions on Peace and Human Rights” is a multi-activity project that foresees different correlated activities and a central phase organised independently by the partners.

The first step will be the “Training Course on Media applied to Peace and Human Rights” to be held in Holloko, Hungary. It will be hosted by Egyesek and will welcome 26 participants. Main objective of the course is to train participants to become “BloggeHRs” and “VloggeHRs”, activists with media skills who will create video blogs on Human Rights and Peace (a “vlog” is a blog featuring mainly contents in video format; the word “VloggeHR” is our creation and indicates a Vlogger active in the field of HR – Human Rights). The training will provide a framework on IVS, peace camps, peace actions and HRs and on delivering practical skills – understanding media, its functions and purpose, writing, filming, sound recording, use of online tools. Through this training course, participants will learn the basics about IVS, Peace and Human Rights education and also how to produce media contents on the topic.

During the last part of 2017 and in 2018, partners will autonomously involve participants in local activities, providing them with concrete opportunities to produce their media creations and to involve young people, activists and volunteers in the process. This way, BloggeHRs and VloggeHRs will act as multipliers, putting into practice the skills learned during the Training Course, raising awareness on peace and human rights topic and providing more visibility to social issues through their blogs.

The second activity will be the “Ready, Set… Peace Action! – Digital Event“, a meeting planned in Paris from 19 to 22 September 2018, hosting 26 participants. During this meeting, “BloggeHRs” and “VloggeHRs” will present their work and their conclusions. It will be a chance to show all the results achieved through the projects, the tools, the methods and the creations. It will feature workshops, interactive seminars and spaces for exchange and evaluation. Its media and interactive dimension will raise awareness on peace and HR issues, on the actions implemented by our members and on the way our IVS movement struggles to achieve his valuable tasks. Greater visibility will be reached through an Open Day on 21 September, the International Day of Peace, with the participation to an event organised by UNESCO and the NGO-Liaison Committee and attended by a wide audience.

Partners of the project

Organisation ABR. Country Participants
Baladna Association for Arab Youth Baladna Israel 3
Club Culturel Ali Belhouane Tunis CCAB Tunisia 2
Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service CCIVS France 3
Egyesek Ifjusagi Egyesulet Egyesek Hungary 4
Forum Connecting Culture FCC-Morocco Morocco 2
International Palestinian Youth League IPYL Palestine 2
Kinisi Ethelonton Service Civil International-Ellas SCI Hellas Greece 2
Leaders of Life for Sustainable Development Leaders of Life Jordan 2
Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya SCI Catalunya Spain 2
Servizio Civile Internazionale SCI Italia Italy 2
Solidarités Jeunesses SJ France 2


The Training

Combining the methodology of non-formal education and media education, the training course will provide participants with an interesting set of skills and valuable knowledge to improve their profile as peace and human rights activists. Participants will be involved in plenary and group activities, where they will learn more about the IVS movement and the Raising Peace Campaign, going in depth in the topic of peace and human rights and the intercultural initiatives to promote them.

Regarding the technical abilities, the training course will be instrumental to provide participants with the following competences:

  • skills to design digital productions with contents on peace and human rights;
  • techniques aimed at involving actively young people on media productions;
  • abilities on promoting their digital creations with the use of different channels;
  • understanding of the different challenges related to human rights, in order to properly identify the targets and the topics of the media productions;

The training activities will be coordinated by an international team of experienced trainers.

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