Volunteering In Conflict Areas (V.I.C.A)

Volunteering In Conflict Areas V.I.C.A intends to provide a meaningful and valuable educational contribution to the International Voluntary Service movement, its organisations and its young activists in the field of international volunteering, by promoting peace and intercultural dialogue, mobility and opportunities for new forms of employment, and the creation of related tools for youth workers and peace activists. The project is part of Raising Peace, a campaign coordinated by CCIVS and launched in 2014 to strengthen motivation and capacity of IVS organisations to implement initiatives aimed at promoting peace through seminars, training, empowerment of activists and awareness raising actions.

In line with Raising Peace values and purposes and with CCIVS strategic directions for 2020, the general aim of the project is to strengthen organisations’ and participants’ commitment and capacity in the field of volunteering in conflict areas.


  1. to provide definitions and clarifications on key-concepts: conflicts, reconciliation, international cooperation, volunteering in conflict areas;
  2. to develop skills, competences, and personal qualities needed to provide an active contribution in IVS peace projects, especially those implemented in conflict areas;
  3. to raise participants awareness and sensitivity on specific dynamics: conflict resolution, intercultural communication, volunteers’ expectations, gender and environmental issues, code of conduct and role of volunteers in conflict areas.

Each objective is linked with indicators, expected results and outputs, which will be assessed at the end of the activity and in the following phases of the project.

The expected results include:

  • creation of spaces for intercultural dialogue, involving participants from the Balkans and Eastern Europe;
  • development of participants’ skills in the field of conflict resolution, to be used in voluntary, professional and academic environments;
  • inclusion of participants in projects in conflict areas: after the first training course and during the summer season, participants will have the opportunity to be involved in practical projects organised by the networks of the IVS movement (mainly international workcamps, but also seminars and awareness-raising actions), focused on peace, volunteering in conflict areas and promotion of human rights;
  • the development of specific educational tools: during the training, participants will start the process of updating a toolkit on volunteering in conflict areas; after the practical phase, participants will join a final meeting where they will discuss and evaluate the impact of their actions and their learning process and will finalise the toolkit.
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