Short impressions of our participants!

At the end of the seminar, we asked our participants to anonymously summarize their impressions in as few words possible. Here are the messages they left us:

“Seminar was insightful, rich with info & sharing of details & ideas for future cooperation!” 

“Engaging seminar, participatory and full of dynamics!”

“Everything was perfect!”

“Nice people, I never laughed and learned at the same time as during these days!”

“Thanks – Good luck with the continuation of the project!”

“Contact 2 Participation has motivated me more to dedicate my career and life to IVS implementation in IRAN!”

“In one week, we achieved the work we couldn’t have done in several months through emails. Thank you!”

“I appreciate involving the local community in the seminar and in taking care of some logistics. This is also a reflexion for the shared value for the voluntary work. It was a nice opportunity to meet and to get to know inspiring people talking about their work and organisations.”

“A great stepping stone on my way of exploring international volunteering!”

“Arrived with limited experience and I leave with a lot of ideas, projects and friends!”

One world & so many realities, possibilities & smiles – long life for volunteering & cooperations!”


“A discovering!”

“I think the seminar was really fruitful as a base for future projects and partnerships!”

“A good way to get to know each other and each other’s organisations, but also a lot of things to specify and arrange!”

“I love working camps and all the people!”

“Learning is a long process, but during these five days it was an enjoyable process!”


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