Second stage of the project – Staff exchange


The second stage of Contact 2 Participation campaign, is about to take place, it consists in study visits taking the form of staff exchanges among the partners to the campaign.

During the first stage of the project, thanks to the Seminar in Laguépie, France (December, 8th until December, 14th of 2014), the organisations were able to get in contact and share about their challenges and best practices in the field of social inclusion and active citizenship amongst the young people.

The staff exchanges will now allow one organisation to go and visit another during up to 5 days, allowing a better understanding of new methodologies in youth work in order to adapt them and implement these practices within the local context.

CCIVS believes that these visits would permit the organisations to know each other better in their local context and give new ideas for innovative practices, develop further projects with confidence on reliable partners which is crucial while working with young people having different backgrounds.

Stay tuned for feedbacks of the participants on this experience.


(Photo credits: CCIVS)

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