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We invite you to be an active part of the Raising Peace Campaign 2016.

Organise a Raising Peace Camp: We want to have 20 Raising Peace Camps all over the world in 2016. Camps that choose to commit on human rights education and action, and/or in peace building activities, and want to spread the image and the idea of a global movement committed to Human Rights. Our aim is to have them all confirmed before March, so that we can announce them during the TM and international meetings, we can do a workshop all together and start communicating to our partners and stakeholders, etc.

Participate in the Global Human Rights Week organised by the Raising Peace Campaign: Take the lead! The Global Human Rights Week will be a global event that will have several local focusses; all of them including awareness raisingactions, training activities, institutional and communication events. The Global Week will happen in October, starting on 17th Oct. The global day for the eradication of poverty, and will connect all national events in one  big global event promoting all human rights topics that local events choose to work on. Our aim is to reach local and global citizens, stakeholders, institutions.

Help us to build tools for human rights education (laboratory) or to write peace building projects (training): Send your activists to be empowered and empowering. In the Laboratory (spring, Greece) we will build tools to work on human rights education during the year; and in the training (spring, Italy) we will help existing ideas on peace-building projects to blossom in strategies and new applications.

Organise your own Peace Action Week with our support: This can be done in coordination or with autonomy to the Global Week for Human Rights. If you are willing to organise an event that mixes training with awareness raising and advocacy, let’s do together a Peace Action Week!

These are the highlights of the Raising Peace Campaign for 2016. There are more actions and interesting topics coming, but for now we want to encourage you to take the wonderful opportunity to organise a Raising Peace Camp, and consider also taking a step for the other actions.

Please contact us ( if you are interested in joining or use this online link to fill in the details of your workcamp and we will start exchanging on how to work together for these nice synergies!

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