Day 2 – Improvement of cooperation as a 2-sided process

The declared goal of the ”Contact 2 Participation” project is to improve youth cooperation and participation in the Mediterranean area. CCIVS strongly believes that such ambitions cannot be achieved without a universal involvement of interested parties.

This idea however should not be respected only as a general principle, but put in practice from the most basic, everyday level. One of the main points of the seminar’s introduction speech on Tuesday, was flexibility and openness in order to achieve the most important goals set for the project.

Organisers declared the program of the seminar on the first day, but they defined it only as a proposition, subject to changes and participants’ suggestions.

DSC_0061The team of facilitators: Victoria Lovelock, Valérie Mouton, Kristine Roke and Laura Drielsma.

DSC_0196The proposed program of the Contact 2 Participation seminar.  

In order to ensure constant feedback from the participants, a special poster under the name ”Open space” was put on the wall. Representatives therefore have an opportunity to write their propositions at any time during the seminar. The propositions can then be discussed and possibly included in the program.

DSC_0210Participants are free to express their ideas during the seminar, either in speech or writing.

DSC_1389Reflections on seminar activities take place on a daily basis.

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