volunteers, staff and ivs organisations all over the world say: stop bombing gaza!

International Voluntary Service (IVS) volunteers, staff, organisations and networks are participating to raise the voice and contribute to stop the violence and injustice in Gaza and the Middle East.


sj_against war


In this blog you will find their individual contributions, the explanation of our campaign and our manifesto, the signatory organisations, the role of IVS in Peace and Human Rights, the IVS actions in the Middle East, some materials to understand the conflict, and training materials for Peace and Human Rights Education. (Click on the orange button above-right to see the menu)

Below, you can see contributions coming from IVS organisations and individuals raising their voice against the violence in Gaza:

IVS organisations send their wish and raise their voice:

SCI-International VolTra (Hong Kong)

peace please1_little peace4gaza

YAP Italia Greek Forum of Refugees

YAP_Peace4Gaza_sm mosaico_greek forum of refugees

VCV SCI Serbia and GAIA SCI Kosova JAVVA- Belgium

The whole world is my native land JAVVA_Peace4Gaza_petit

Text coming from the organisation SFERA in Russia: SFERA for peace and the end of Violence

Manifesto from Cocat: Cocat statement for the end of violence in Gaza

SCI Italia published: http://www.sciint.org/learn-about-sci/news/entry/2014/07/19/133-stop-bombing-gaza,-now

Exchange Scotland: exchange scotland statement


Individuals raising their voice:

peace_lunaria_petit volunteers yvoir center belgium

marco_concordia tony_concordia_photo

IMG_20140805_165433 IMG_20140805_165725 (1)

20140806_170245 20140806_162350 20140806_162409 20140806_162456 20140806_162605

SAM_0464 SAM_0465 SAM_0466 SAM_0467 SAM_0468 SAM_0469


eva matinagaza2img_00000478 p1020176

ling_P1020181 laetitia_IMG_3276 photo_ccivs COCAT_IMG_20140731_220945

nomorewar No more war debsgaza COCAT_IMG_20140731_221146 COCAT_IMG_20140731_214921palestina-en-cuautla1 COCAT_DSC_0127COCAT_IMG_20140731_204108 COCAT_IMG_20140731_215710 COCAT_IMG_20140731_194649 COCAT_IMG_20140731_211433COCAT_140802-174732gaza COCAT_IMG_20140731_220224p1020170 nickgaza p1020174 palestina-en-cuautla wp_000711i kept asking holidays _gaza is dead


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