Training for HR Projects

International Training: (Your) Peace and Human Rights Projects from the youth Perspective

From September 15th (arrival) until September 22nd (departure) of 2016 in Holloko, Hungary, hosted by Egyesek


Training for Project

One of the goals of the Raising Peace Campaign is to increase the action on Human Rights within the IVS movement. Among other actions to reach such goal, the Campaign empowers IVS activists to become HR and peace actors, proposing and implementing their own (collective) iniciatives.

The proposal of this training was raised after the 2015 experience, when many activists proposed interesting activities/projects/tools after the Peace Action Weeks, but were needing support to develop such ideas and initiatives.

The training “Our Rights, Our Voices now!”: Peace building Projects from the youth Perspective will be an empowering experience for young activists involved (or willing to be) in Human Rights action, who are at their learning stage and need some support to develop their ideas into transformative actions.

It is expected that participants will leave the training with a project proposal (and a draft grant application) that the Raising Peace Campaign and their sending organisation can support in implementing.


To empower 8-12 human rights and peace initiatives coming from young activists developed after Peace Action Weeks, giving at the same time competences to these leaders to keep developing youth human rights projects in the future. These will be the seeds for a more plural and decentralised RPC for the next years.


  • To empower young HR activists with skills, knowledge and necessary competences to design good quality projects on Human Rights and Peace.
  • To help young people iniciatives to become future HR&Peace quality projects.
  • To feed the future Raising Peace Campaign with the initiatives of young activitists from IVS organisations

To have fruitful debates and learning about HR&P projects between young people from all over Europe.

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