Peace Week Barcelona: Planning the future – 7th Day


All of us want to live in a better place and by taking small steps we can make it happen! One the most important aims of the Peace Week is to inspire people to be active. Yesterday we were talking about the projects that we want to conduct in the future.


Each and everyone of us has a different idea of what should be done in our countries but there are also some common points. We were divided into four groups to discuss how we could improve our projects so they could have a bigger impact.


It takes time to plan a projects carefully but there are also things that can be done in a few minutes and still have a power to change the way people think about Human Rights. That is why we all joined the Raising Peace – Raising Voices Video Action. Short video that lasts 30 sec but can make you think about it for hours.


As this Peace Week slowly comes to an end, we wanted to say thank you to La PAH for cooking for us for so many days. But we decided to do it in our own way by preparing international dinner for everyone from La PAH.  In our menu we had meals from many different countries and after eating part we were singing and dancing to the Catalan songs. It was surely a night to remember!



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