Peace Week Barcelona – Conference at La Fede – Day 5th

Amateur plumbing, professional floor cleaning, struggling with dust and dirt- those activities might not be directly related to the topic of Human Rights but, as everyone needs to live in a decent conditions, cleaning seemes to be an important thing to do. Members of La PAH gave us a place to live and work, they also shared with us their knowledge and organized many activities – in return we wanted to do something for them. That is why we decided to help with the cleaning at their headquarters.


Later on we were more focused on the topic of Human Rights. In the afternoon we were attending the conference at La Fede. Representatives of social movements that work in Barcelona were telling us about their actions and future projects related to the problem of housing. There was also one representative from the City Hall who explained to us what the city does to help people who are struggling with this problem.


At the end of the day we visited the old shelter from the Spanish Civil War in the centre of Barcelona. History of that place reminded us why it is so important to raise peace and fight for Human Rights so that people would never have to hide and be afraid.

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