Laboratory for tools and skills for #PeaceBuilders

Here we are in the sunny Athens!


Twenty-three young activists from Europe and Asia gathered from 1st to 6th of April 2016 to participate in the Raising Peace Laboratory for tools and skills for Peace Builders and to lead Human Rights and Peace education activities. During the past four days we have been developing together three activities:

– a toolkit to work on migration and refugees on workcamps and youth exchanges;

– a booklet on the Rights to gender, sexuality and own body;

– an online consultation on Human Rights.


The team building was created since the very first morning, the enthusiasm is growing every day as everyone’s’ brain is firing with wonderful ideas. Three groups were created and each one is working on one of the three activities. The Greek International Voluntary Service organisation, SCI Hellas, is hosting us in their office to give us the space for great creativity and experimentation of the tools to use in the youth field.

DSC_0119 (2).JPG

Four days is very short and intense to achieve what we have planned but the passion and excitement of each participant motivates us to develop and participate in the Raising Peace community built in the short, medium and long term for the campaign. We are all Peace Builders, young leaders of pluri-thematic, pluri-methodologic activities and we consider that the tools developed will bring understanding and ownership of the concept of Peace that we are promoting with the Raising Peace campaign and within the International Voluntary Service!

Stay tuned on this page to learn more about our three activities we are developing.

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