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From April 1st (arrival) until April 6th (departure) of 2016 in Athens, Greece, hosted by SCI Hellas

The Laboratory of Tools and Skills for Peace-Builders is going to be a very special seminar, where young activists willing to participate and lead Human Rights and Peace education activities during the Raising Peace Campaign will gather to develop together tools and activities: introductory workshops on Human Rights; toolkit to work on migrations during camps and exchanges; awareness-raising activities for the Global Week for Human Rights; etc. These are activities and tools which will be used during the Raising Peace events during the year.

How to understand the Laboratory of Tools and Skills for Peace-Builders?


  • Laboratory: The seminar is a laboratory because it will be a space for discussion, experimentation, creation and consolidation of new tools to use in the youth field on the topics of Human Rights & Peace.
  • Skills: The laboratory aims at developing (besides the final tools) skills among the participants, some skills are learned directly, some indirectly.

Indirect: The practice of being together with other future leaders, the live experience of others leading activities, of their good practice and the result of diverse approaches will lead to some skill development; and that is valid for each session in the programme and the experience as a whole.

Direct: Several sessions are dedicated to the sharing of existing tools/methodologies used in Human Rights education, and especially used in the Raising Peace 2015, and to guide on its use and implementation. So, as it is done in a Training for Trainers, sessions are used for a specific purpose/learning within the flow of the training (i.e., group building; i.e. Introduction to human rights); and also as activities to be analysed and learned by the trainees so that they can lead them in their future activities. This is the case for Session 1, 2nd April (welcome/group building, where we use the welcome ceremony as a first insight into Human Rights topic, with the question + art session “What makes you Human?”); session 1 and 2, 2nd April, on Tools for Human Rights education: we will practice and analyse them (most probably we will use the “Path to Human Rights” developed in Raising Peace 2015). On the other hand, session 3 of days 2nd, 3nd and 4th April, which will be in “specialised groups”, will include not only group work and analysis, but also some activity/training part to work on the specific topics.

  • Tools: Besides the increase of capacities of participants, the main outcome of the seminar will be tools to be used within the Raising Peace 2016 -and further-, on Human Right’s topics. A toolkit on migrations and Human Rights for an easy use in Youth Volunteering Camps; an online consultation on Human Rights for young people, and people around the Raising Peace 2016; communication and networking materials to be used in all events of the Global Human Rights Week; etc.
  • Peace Builders: The philosophy behind the Raising Peace Campaign is that peace is an ongoing, processual result of a complex system of exercise of human rights, freedom, personal and communitary development and participation, which is built in the short, medium and long term. In such direction, the gathering of young leaders of pluri-thematic, pluri-methodologic activities, to build specialised tools in a wider frame of a long-term campaign, we consider that this will bring understanding and ownership of the concept of Peace that we are promoting with the Raising Peace campaign.


The aim of this training is to produce the necessary materials, workshops, activities for the different Campaign actions, while at the same time training and generating exchange with the leaders of such activities. We consider that such process can generate an interesting collective empowerment.

  • To create a group of leaders for the Raising Peace activities with a sense of a team,
  • To empower a group of young leaders as future multipliers of Peace & Human Rights activities
  • To have the necessary knowledge, methodologies, materials, and agreements prepared to implement the Peace &Human Rights activities during the Raising Peace Camps.

If you are interested in getting more information about this event or the Raising Peace Campaign, please contact .

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