Peace Week: The Power of Social Movement – 3rd Day

The more we know about the problem of eviction the more we can help. And there is no better way to do it than to be with people who are dealing with such problems every day. That is why we left Can Masdeu and moved to another squatted house, occupied by La Pah.


Imagine your house can be seized by the police anytime. La Pah is the social movement that helps people who are facing the problem of eviction or who don’t have a free access to water and electricity. . We were invited to their assembly where we met many people who shared their experience with those who still are threatened with eviction and debts. It was amazing to see so many people united for such a good reason. All their stories were different even though they were all related to one issue. One of the women who were attending the assembly got her debt cancelled on that very day after two years of fighting with the bank. When she was telling us her about it we could easily feel how powerful she is now. Such stories are important not only because they bring useful information on the topic of eviction but also because they give hope and proves that social movements can make a change.


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