Peace Week Barcelona: Si Se Puede! – 4th Day

Not every day you get a chance to take part in a press conference that takes place in the middle of the street. Unless you decide to join PAH in Barcelona and protest against the housing situation in Spain.


PAH aims to organize movements and events in direct contact with the people that are affected by the housing crisis. Today we were able to get hands on experience by joining PAHs press release outside the Delegation of the Government building, in central Barcelona. The reason of our presence was to encourage the regional council to honor the regional accepted agreement in the upcoming national election, bringing the agreement to the national assembly.


But the right to housing means also that we can live in decent conditions. Some people cannot afford to pay for electricity or even water. There are people in Barcelona who take water from the fountains because they don’t have it at home. That is why in the afternoon, La Alianza contra la Pobreza Energética explained how they work with local engagement, public movement and organisations to empower individuals affected by Energy Poverty.


“Si Se Puede” is the main motto of PAH members who believe that if people are united they can make everything possible! All we have to do is try.

HERE you can watch the short video from the press conference.

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