Monday, 15 October 2018: Human Rights for all

Why Human Rights for all?

Can Human Rights refer only to a minority of people in the world? Are they a special privilege for a limited number of citizens? When we talk about Human Rights, we refer to the life and dignity of all human beings. A person’s dignity is violated when she or he must suffer torture, is forced to live in poverty, has no access to food, clothing and housing, cannot participate actively to the community or cannot express her or his ideas, gender and political orientation freely. Every human being is entitled to these existential rights, with no discrimination.

This is the message we spread on the first day of the Global Human Rights Week, focused on Human Rights for all. Keeping in mind that the principle of universality of Human Rights deserves to be further discussed and analysed, we advocate and promote the need to respect the dignity of every human being. At the same time, we stand against violations, abuses and disregard of Human Rights and to all the practices that lead to war and armed conflict.

Raising awareness on these issues is essential, and for this reason the International Voluntary Service movement organises training courses, seminars, international projects, advocacy actions and grass-roots activities, such as Raising Peace camps. They are local projects involving international and local volunteers in the support of local community project, where participants have the chance to take part in workshops or specific activities focused on Human Rights and Peace.

CCIVS coordinated the publication of the contents posted on the first day of the GHRW 2018. Here is the opening post:

Raising Peace Camps: Human Rights in action

Among its objectives, the GHRW intends to provide visibility to the local actions implemented by the members belonging to the IVS networks, giving priority to those focusing on Human Rights and Peace. With the Raising Peace campaign, CCIVS encourages valuable initiatives like the Raising Peace camps, which allow local and international volunteers to support communities engaged in the promotion of Human Rights.

The GHRW is an instrument to promote engagement and active participation. Sources of inspiration such as quotes, visual material and cartoons can ignite motivation to take action on behalf of Human Rights and Peace.

A contribution from the SAWC network for the GHRW 2018: volunteers engaged in a workcamp in South Africa joined the event with their deeds & words.

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