Peace Week Poland #IVSFreeGender #PeaceWeekPoland

Peace Week Poland  #IVSFreeGender #PeaceWeekPoland

From 27th November to 3rd December, the third Peace Action Week took place in Warsaw in Poland. Organized by CCIVS and hosted by FIYE Poland, it was the third and last peace week that took place in 2015 as part of the Raising Peace global campaign. This time the topic was the right to decide on the own body, sexuality and the equality of genders.


The trainers and the supporting staff welcomed 18 young activists, coming from different European organizations such as SCI Hellas, SCI Cataluña, Solidarité Jeuness, Concordia and many others. For one week, participants had the opportunity to work together and discuss the current situation of LGBT+ rights and gender equality in their own countries.

As part of the programme, local organizations and movements joined the debate and offered an interesting overview of women’s rights, LGBT+ rights and gender equality in Poland. Participants had also the possibility to talk directly with them and get inspiration from their work.

To conclude an intense week of debating, participants organized a small street action close to the University, with the aim of raising awareness and campaigning for gender rights.

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