Intercultural dialogue guidelines

Kind of Tool: Guideline
Description: Guidelines for intercultural dialogue in non-formal learning / education activities. In 2009, a group of international organisations concerned with intercultural dialogue in non-formal learning jointly decided to carry on a feasibility study in order to understand the approaches to intercultural dialogue that youth organisations were using in their non-formal learning activities in Europe and the Euro-Mediterranean region. The results of the study revealed many different uses of the terminology, a diversity of approaches, but very few assessments or comprehensive guidelines. Considering such outcomes, a group of experts Ð trainers, practitioners, researchers Ð was brought together to develop a tool that serves as guidelines for trainers and facilitators who organise intercultural learning activities.
EU-CoE Youth Partnership
Topics: Interculturality, Youth Work, NFE
Target Group: IVS organisation staff, IVS organisation board, Camp coordinators, Trainers
Use: Planning IVS projects
Year of Publication: 2009
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