On Field Training Exchanges in Europe

After the Training for Trainers on Organisational Development, the participants (trainees) from America, Asia, Africa, participated in on-field job-shadowing and training sessions with European organisations.

In the first part of the training exchange, an expert and a trainee provided a 3-day training on organisational development to a European organisation. In the second part of the training exchange, trainees stayed for 7-10 days in the host organisation, doing a professional exchange in order to strengthen the strategic needs discovered during the STEPS training.

Here are the experience sharing of the trainees from Mariana GarcĂ­a Berrueta (ICYE Mexico), Parin Charoenchanaporn (VSA Thailand) and Ratherford Mwaruta (ZWA Zimbabwe):

On May, I had the unique opportunity to participate in a job shadowing experience with EstYES, Estonia. The main outcomes
After 6 days training in Poggio Mirteto, Italy on Organizational Development with CCIVS trainers, I continue my journey to Budapest,
In order to enhance the spirit of south-north exchange as well as putting a human face behind the email, skype
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