Jobshadowing in Hungary with Egyesek

After 6 days training in Poggio Mirteto, Italy on Organizational Development with CCIVS trainers, I continue my journey to Budapest, Hungary. My task is to visit Egyesek organization to deliver the training that I have received and visit their project site to learn and exchange good practices. I will spend total 12 days with them. It is my first time in this beautiful country and rain is welcoming me (it is summer!). I give the training to the board members of Egyesek for total 3 days to find out their strengths and area that need to be strengthen. From the learning, they need to come up with some strategies. Then, I give them sometimes to think and discuss. I will meet with them again at the end of my visit. With limited preparation time for the training, I do not have time to see Budapest yet, I will come back later.

Next stop, I move out of Budapest to Hollókő by bus. The journey takes about 2 hours. Hollókő is a Palóc ethnographic village in Hungary and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, very excited to be there. Egyesek has a training center here. I have a chance to join “Coaching” Training which happening during that week. We play many games and learn new skills to become a good coach. The participants from the training are from everywhere in Europe in different field; student to freelance. It is a good chance to learn new culture and meet new people.

While staying in Hollókő, I visit EVS. There are projects for EVS in 5 different villages not so far from Hollókő. They are connected by bus. I have visited 4 of them; Szecseny, Varsány, Nógrádszakál and Magyargéc. EVS are lived in Szecseny. Their accommodation is a small house. It looks cozy and convenience, quite good conditions for volunteers. I have joined different activities here; English class at primary school, Youth Center for after school activities and Children day for gypsy kids (super adorable). I feel that I want to spend more time with them, but have to move on.

Last 2 days in Hungary, time to move back to Budapest. Egyesek has an event for launching software call “iPrepare” which aims to support organization for preparing volunteer to go abroad. Some organizations have no pre-departure program for their volunteer which iPrepare will come to support. In this event, I have tried the prototype, it is very useful.

Time comes to an end, last day, I have a meeting with the board member to discuss on their next approach for the organization. I believe the training that I have provided really give an impact and help them to move on. Also, it is time to say goodbye. Thank you for everyone from Egyesek for taking care of my visit.

Apart from work, I have a chance to try many cuisines when I am here, but except Hungarian food ironically.

One thing that my friend tells me to try is ‘Thermal Bath’, but until the last day, I don’t have a chance. I will have to come back here again 😊

Parin Charoenchanaporn, VSA Outgoing Coordinator

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