Inclusive Voluntary Service for Peace – Network Coordinators Meeting

From April 21 to April 25, representatives from different IVS organisations and networks participated in the Network Coordinator Meeting in Paris. The main purpose of the meeting focused on developing a strategy for the Raising Peace Campaign (RPC) for the next two years based on the previous experience, the current challenges and future plans. There were a workshop on the Impact Measurement, and a partnership meeting for the new project #IVS4Peace, a three-year upscaling process focusing on social inclusion.

In addition, on April 23, the representatives had a meeting with Simona Costanzo-Sow, Course Coordinator with the UNSSC Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development and former Director of CCIVS. It was an inspiring meeting during which we were given advices on how we can strengthen the cooperation and partnership with external stakeholders. We also had many discussions and debates about the RPC and what our strategic plan should be.

About the Raising Peace Campaign:
CCIVS took the initiative to start a collective worldwide consultation process in 2010. This process aimed at creating the White Paper for International Voluntary Service (IVS) that identified Human Rights and Peace as one of the themes of IVS.
Subsequently, the creation of the Raising Peace Campaign took place in 2014 in partnership with the EYF as a tool to put into practice this part of the White Paper. The Raising Peace Campaign became part of the Raising Peace Programme – in 2017 – that consists of the different peace and human rights actions of CCIVS (IVS4Peace, Build Peace).

The campaign focuses on and advocates for the following rights:
·         Migrant and refugee rights, freedom of movement, and universal civil rights.
·         Access to food & housing and to a sustainable and dignified life.
·         Gender rights, sexual and personal bodily autonomy.
·         To live in peace at a local, regional, and international level.
·         To participation: ensuring citizens can freely be involved in human rights & peace issues.

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