#IVS4Peace Inclusive Voluntary Service Toolkit

Type: Toolkit
Theme: Active Participation & Social Inclusion
Format: PDF
Date: 01. 01. 2018. – 14. 07. 2021.
Publisher: CCIVS
Short Summary:

This toolkit is mainly designed for Sending Organisations, Coordinating Organisations, Hosting Organisations and Camp Coordinators involved in Workcamps within the International Voluntary Service movement. At the same time, we have realised that the organisation of a Workcamp has some or many similarities to other international volunteering and exchange projects so we hope that if you are involved in the organisation of international projects in a youth organisation, this toolkit can also be a good support for you.

Our intention is to provide you with some elements for reflection as well as concrete tools on how to make each step of the International Voluntary Service (IVS) process and projects inclusive for youth with fewer opportunities and, in particular, for migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and minority groups.

In the toolkit you will find background information on the IVS4Peace project – where this toolkit was created – and on the IVS movement and the general process we follow to develop our IVS projects.

After that, you will find some definitions on Social Inclusion and some concrete situations that our target groups may face. You should be aware of this when planning to involve these groups in your organisations.

And finally, we go step by step through the different phases of an IVS project, providing you with reflections and tools as you get ready to make your International Voluntary Service projects more inclusive.

As we have wanted to collect the whole IVS process in one place, maybe not all the chapters will be relevant for you. For example, if you are a placement officer in a Sending Organisation, you might want to look at different things than a Camp Coordinator will need to look at. Thinking on making your reading process easier, you will see that we have visually identified the sections more relevant to each profile.

Enjoy your reading!

The #IVS4Peace Steering Team

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