Expert Seminar: Towards deep intercultural methodologies

From 18-24 January 2019 participants from Europe, Africa, Asia and America gathered in Tallinn, Estonia to participate in the Steering Team Meeting & Experts Seminar hosted by EstYes.

The Steering Team Meeting, had as its objective to consolidate a team that would take the leadership of the project and would be responsible for creating a common understanding of its aims, setting priorities, distributing roles among members and clarifying tasks and follow-up mechanisms.

During the seminar, participants with vast knowledge in IVS discussed and agreed on specific challenges related to the implementation of intercultural and multilateral approaches and how to integrate these elements during the trainings and workshops that will take place in within the framework of the project.

The outcome was an agreed set of principles, orientations and valid models which can be adopted and used, not only throughout the entirety of the project, but also within the IVS movement in the next years.

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