STEPS to the Future

from empowerment to resilience in the International Voluntary Service movement

STEPS to the Future follows the 2017-2018 project STEPS to Change, which brought organisational development training and impact measurement to 20 organisations in 4 regions, allowing the building of a global and regional diagnosis on the State of the Art of the International Voluntary Service movement. The experience was very successful and through STEPS to the Future, CCIVS aims at expanding and consolidating the empowerment process in the 4 regions.

With the support of Erasmus+ and under the general coordination of the CCIVS, 22 partners (including three international and regional networks Service Civil International, Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisation and Network for Voluntary Development in Asia) from Asia, Africa, Europe and America came together to cooperate in the STEPS to the Future project which not only strengthened their own capacity through a series of offline and online trainings and job-shadowing in peer organisation but also benefited from their experience and contribution to the refinement of tools on organisational development for IVS organisations.

The project aim was to widen the scope of trained organisations, thus after the Training for Trainers on Organisational Development, there were 2 regional STEPS trainings in Thailand and Nigeria where junior and senior trainers worked together to run training workshops for more IVS organisations and conducted field visits and diagnosis with the hosting organisations. Considering the challenge to reach the 200 members, and accepting that presencial trainings led by CCIVS as the centralised body is unrealistic, 2 measures were proposed:

  • to develop an online course (now available on and open to all for free) which can be useful for IVS organisations who cannot attend the presencial trainings;
  • to support trainers who want to apply for funds to host and lead an Organisational Development training through their organisation, and project coordinators who are willing to write applications and project proposals on Organisational Development.

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