Soon CCIVS is going to launch the MOOC (online course) on Organisational Development for IVS organisations in order to bring tools, learning and support to IVS professionals and organisations so that they can perform strengthening processes in their organisations.

Going through the course will give organisations a more systemic and systematic idea of their own organisation, will let them identify strengths and challenges and will help them design strategies to have a more balanced and stronger organisation. They can follow the course either individually, or as an organisation.

The course will be launched by January 2020, and participants can choose to follow a facilitated path with the course coordinator; or to play the course rhythms on their own (in which case, we cannot ensure live follow-up). All in all, the first edition of this course is foreseen to happen between January and March 2020.

This course aims to find a good balance between non-formal education techniques and the needs/limitations of online learning. It combines video materials, with written materials, quizzes and forums. In each chapter, exercises are proposed, taken from the organisational training methods developed along the years by the STEPS teams of trainers, and tested in 4 continents with IVS organisations succcessfully.

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