STEPS Webinar Series

On top of the original plan of activities of the STEPS project, the Webinar Series is proposed as an outcome of the discussion during which CCIVS planned with other voluntary service networks the measures and actions to provide support means to our grass-root member organisations and partners  in the climate of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As complementary learning resources to the online course, the Webinar Series focused on promoting the MOOC and providing support and guidance for each of the Pentagon points – structure, functioning, sustainability, relationships, communication, and on impact measurement.

CCIVS invited the external expert Strategies and Leaders, a strategic consultancy firm of experienced social entrepreneurs, to develop and conduct the webinars. 

The webinars started in October 2020, and are hosted on the Zoom platform and live-streamed on Facebook. It has attracted people from over 74 different countries to participate. The webinars recording videos, materials, and exercises are available on the CCIVS iLearn platform. The participants are invited to share reflections and discussions on the iLearn forum.

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