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PATH Capacity Building Training France – Day 6

MORNING This last morning was focused on communication about heritage. The main purpose of this session was to provide participants with inputs on how to promote their local projects on cultural heritage. Their digital production will contribute to the Global Communication Campaign which was explained in depth by Mauro during this morning session. Furthermore, the […]

PATH Capacity Building Training France – Day 3

MORNING The morning of 8 April started with an entertaining name game outdoor that energized the participants and got them ready for the next sessions. The morning activities included  3 presentations about working on tangible heritage. Rita ALBUQUERQUE introduced the different types of heritage, providing definitions and examples from all over the world in order […]

Stakeholders Forum – Day 5

10/02/2017 During the last day, focus was on the future. In groups, the participants were asked to identify potential stakeholders and networking opportunities. They also discussed potential strategies to use for approaching the stakeholders and for forming partnerships. The result was a wide range of potential stakeholders such as schools and universities world heritage foundations […]

Stakeholders Forum – Day 4

09/02/2017 In the afternoon of the fourth day, the participants listened to a presentation by Jihyun from IWO/Better World. The presentation was on CSR and gave detailed information on how it works to collaborate with a corporation. Jihyun also gave more tips on how to position your organisations for different stakeholders. The key was to provide […]

Stakeholders Forum – Day 4

09/02/2017 It was a tired group in the morning, since the previous day was eventful and tiring. Nonetheless, all participants gathered after breakfast for a group evaluation of the previous day. The evaluation brought up a lot of interesting points and opinions. For example, the majority of the participants thought that the first speed dating session […]

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