Stakeholders Forum – Day 4


It was a tired group in the morning, since the previous day was eventful and tiring. Nonetheless, all participants gathered after breakfast for a group evaluation of the previous day.

The evaluation brought up a lot of interesting points and opinions. For example, the majority of the participants thought that the first speed dating session was too short, meaning that the time allotted, four minutes, with each stakeholder was not sufficient to make a good presentation. But as some of the participants pointed out, it is good to practice your ability to make a good presentation in a limited time. Since it is quite common that you are not given more than maybe 5-10 minutes when you meet with stakeholders and external partners.

Of course, there are improvements to be made for the next event, for example to prepare the stakeholders more, by giving them information on IVS and the organisations they will meet. For many of the stakeholders it was their first time encountering the IVS – network and they had very little knowledge, if any, on work camps, volunteering etc.

The summary of the evaluation can be expressed in one sentence: communication is key! Both from the side of CCIVS, the members and from the stakeholders. The participants all agreed that more events like the Stakeholders Forum would be a good idea, but that the communication and instructions should be clearer and more extensive. Also that the member organisations as well need to work on how to present themselves externally and try to produce material such as folders, pictures and banners to help with that.

From the side of CCIVS we have learned a lot during this event on the 8th and are excited to make use of this knowledge in the future.







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