Stakeholders Forum – Day 3


The First CCIVS Partnerships Meeting

In the beginning of the day, all of the participants were working on their presentation for the stakeholders.

Since the invitees would arrive around 14.00 it was a stressful morning filled with preparations and printing of materials. The participants each had a desk and area to present their posters, pictures, folders and other information. In front of each desk there was a chair intended for a stakeholder. In the first “Speed dating” event of the Partnerships Meeting the stakeholders made visits to the different organisations’ desks, having a 4-minute date with a participant each time. Follow the link project descriptions to see the members’ projects.

At 14, the guests and keynote speakers started to arrive. The invitees were representatives of delegations at UNESCO, NGO’s and foundations.


The first keynote speech was “Heritage Conservation Challenges” by Ms. Mechtild Rössler, Director of the Division for Heritage & World Heritage Centre.

The second speech one was “How IVS can bring Together Volunteers and Heritage Preservation” and was held by Mr. Fabrice Duffaud, International Relations Officer at Union REMPART

Ms. Matina Deligianni, CCIVS president from 2012-2016 and national delegate of SJ, then held a presentation on Impact Measurement

After the speeches, facilitator Mauro instructed the guests on how to proceed with the first Speed Dating activity. The participants went to their desks and was then joined by stakeholders.

After around 10 rounds of Speed Dating, the whole crowd was divided into groups with a mix of stakeholders and participants in each group. Each of the three groups were given different subjects to discuss. Such as perception, communication and continuity among others. This enabled the participants to receive feedback from the stakeholders regarding their presentation and the event in itself.

At 17.00 it was time for a networking cocktail! The CCIVS team prepared wine and some small aperitifs, provided by the caterers. Some of the participants had also brought typical snacks from their countries, this was also brought out for everyone to enjoy.

The event was a great success and was appreciated by everyone! The networking cocktail created a very pleasant atmosphere and many new friendships, and potential partnerships, were made.


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