Stakeholders Forum

The Stakeholders Forum brought together the partners of the PATH project in order to share their cultural heritage and diversity projects with a variety of stakeholders who came from the private and public sector (including education institutions, governmental bodies, private institutions, civil society and the corporate sector).

The first days of the Forum provided the participants with tools needed in order to present their projects externally; experts guided and coached them in project presentation and how to approach sponsors. The meeting with the Stakeholders took place in the form of speed dating and finished with an Institutional event. Potential Stakeholders who are still not aware of the importance and impact of the projects will gain up to date information through the year via the Global Communication Campaign.

The partners of the project will implement actions on a local level including local young people often with less opportunities and the local community. CCIVS will coordinate the communication, monitoring, evaluation and certification and Impact measurement tools will be used to ‘prove’ the value of these projects in terms of the impact on communities and volunteers. It is the first time that the IVS network will implement a similar project.

There will be Awareness raising on the work of IVS organisations in the field of NFL and their experience in volunteer and heritage management, the aim is to provide a rich field for networking and exchange with local communities, young people and external stakeholders and to ensure a formal follow up process.

For a detailed description on the Forum see the day by day posts linked below!

Day One

Day Two 1/2

Day Two 2/2

Day Three – Partnerships Meeting

Day Four 1/2

Day Four 2/2

Day Five


Want to know more about the Stakeholders Forum?
Please download the report and have a look at it.

Report Stakeholders Forum-page-001


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