PATH Capacity Building Training France – Day 5


Before starting the morning session, participants were invited to debrief the last two days of practical workshops and visits. These are some reflections from the participants:

  • it would be great to have more time to share experiences and to present local organisations;
  • the visit, the wine tasting and the three workshops were great;
  • everybody thought there was a good group dynamic during this training;
  • they would like to gather all the information in a platform.

After this activity, the trainers proposed a game shaped according to the TV show “Who wants to be millionaire?”, to recap some important information about rural heritage and on topics debated during the previous sessions.


The next part of this morning session focused on volunteers management, conflict resolution and team management, which are essential elements in the organisation of a workcamp. Participants had to work in groups to propose solutions to three different challenging situations that they could face during their workcamp:

  • Working tools are missing in a workcamp;
  • A negative participant is affecting the group dynamic;
  • Unbalanced ratio between work and leisure activities in a workcamp.

After the presenation of results in plenary, participants were invited to propose solutions or to share personal experiences related to the topic of conflict resolution in an intercultural voluntary project. They were given different drawings, each displaying a problematic scenario. This was the occasion to share their ideas to solve this kind of situation but also to share their experiences about conflict management in workcamps.

At the end of this morning, Marie (the cook of the training) was invited to share her cooking experience in a workcamp. The participants asked several questions about managing resources, preparing recipes, designing menus, dealing with quantities for large group and diet issues. Of course, the group thanked Marie for her great cooking during the whole training!


A new session about intangible heritage completed the first one about tangible heritage. Rita presented the multiple facets behind the concept of intangible heritage, providing several examples to give a representation of heritage as comprehensive as possible. After this, she explained the different possibilities on how to preserve and conserve heritage.

In the second part of the afternoon, Mauro discussed with participants about the local actions that each PATH partner has to implement during the next months. After this, participants prepared an individual presentation about their organisation and their future local PATH workcamp. Besides showing their nice flipcharts, some participants shared also videos, pictures and other material about their organisations.

The afternoon ended with a workshop on games and activities that can be useful for intercultural projects. The two objectives of this session were:

  • to think about the different kinds of games and their use;
  • to provide ideas and inspiration for non-formal education tools that can be used in workcamps and intercultural projects with a focus on cultural heritage and diversity.

Mauro presented some games and participants were invited to play and reflect about specific elements, such us the importance of preparing in advance this kind of activities, their potential as social inclusion tool and the respect of diversity in the group.

At the end of this fifth day, the entire group went to the municipality to meet the mayor of Villandraut and his council.  After the speech of the mayor, everybody shared a drink together and enjoyed this moment to talk to each other.





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