PATH Capacity Building Training France – Day 4


A new round of practical sessions combined to a visit to Budos Castle and its nearby vineyards were the highlights of day 4.

At the Budos Castle, Marie-Georges and Laura from Adichats explained the work done by the association on this heritage site. The activities run in this place have a special value, since this was the first project of the association and volunteers are still working on it during summer workcamps.

During this visit, participants, divided into 3 groups, were invited to design potential projects to be implemented in the site with a group of volunteers. The results were then presented in plenary. Here are same ideas brought up by the participants:

  • restoration project
  • securing and surveying the site
  • cleaning the site
  • tourism development
  • new partnerships

After this activity, the group had the chance to visit to Budos Castle vineyards and to enjoy a wine tasting with the owner of the place. It was a pleasant moment to appreciate the value of intangible heritage.


The same hands-on sessions held on Saturday were repeated on Sunday, in order to let the participants the chance to experience all three different activities through a rotation system.

The sunny weather, a good group dynamic and the guidance of the great experts ensured the perfect conditions to learn many things about archaeology, masonry and stone-cutting.


These pictures show the result of the group work (before and after the wall restoration of the masonry workshop)



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