PATH Capacity Building Training France – Day 3


The morning of 8 April started with an entertaining name game outdoor that energized the participants and got them ready for the next sessions.


The morning activities included  3 presentations about working on tangible heritage.

Rita ALBUQUERQUE introduced the different types of heritage, providing definitions and examples from all over the world in order to highlight the aspect of diversity when talking about tangible and intangible heritage.

Sarah GRANT showed the work of her association Terre de Pierres in Périllos (France). Since 2006, this association has been working on the restoration of the village to “make it alive again”. Some buildings were restored as the venue for workcamp volunteers, a common space  and also the cemetery of the village.


Teresa NOVOA concluded this presentation round with a session on the Portuguese association Palombar  and its work to preserve the pigeon houses in a specific area of Portugal named “Behind the hills”, a good example to show the links existing between cultural heritage, the environment and the local community. After the presentations, participants were invited to ask questions and to share their impressions.


The whole afternoon was dedicated to the first practical session of the PATH Capacity Building Training, organized in the castle of Villandraut, the main cultural heritage site of the village.

Before starting the hands-on activities, participants had a visit of the castle with Marie-Georges. The site, classified as a “monument historique” since 1886, owes its fame to his first owner, Pope Clément V.

During the visit, participants were invited to create three groups, who engaged in practical work at the Castle.

Three experts guided the participants in the hands-on activities, which were particularly interesting and enriching:

  • Laura: archaeology
  • Sarah: masonry
  • Alex: stone-cutting


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