Stakeholders Forum – Day 5


During the last day, focus was on the future. In groups, the participants were asked to identify potential stakeholders and networking opportunities. They also discussed potential strategies to use for approaching the stakeholders and for forming partnerships.

The result was a wide range of potential stakeholders such as

  • schools and universities
  • world heritage foundations
  • social entreprises
  • monasteries
  • embassies
  • archeology and cultural departments
  • businesses such as banks, airlines, tour companies
  • study centres
  • municipalities
  • UNDP
  • NGO’s like Oxfam, Rotary, Lions club, ICOM
  • governments and ministries, for example tourism boards
  • philanthropists
  •  media
  • corporations like Google, Samsung, Hyundai, Canon, Youtube
  • art and culture institutes

The opportunities with these stakeholders were funding and partnerships, but also other resources such as promotion and publicity, transport and logistics, communication, a strong network and more.

The participants came up with many opportunities for partnerships with the stakeholders and thought it was important to see the many possibilities and that it is not just about funds.

The strategies to make use of these opportunities were

  • creating local awareness
  • making documentaries of our local actions
  • promoting ourselves as a valid source of data
  • networking events
  • public relations (PR)
  • project proposals
  • communication (newsletters, flyers, brochures, banners, post cards, business cards)
  • nominate ambassadors/spokesperson in national, regional or international level
  • professionalize volunteer activities in heritage management
  • bridge/strengthen partnership with heritage organisations and institutions
  • Google partnerships (for example change Google logo on World Heritage Day, World Volunteer Day)


The end of the day was the time to say thanks to the dedicated participants, to the incredible facilitators and the hard working CCIVS team.

All in all, the experience was highly appreciated by everyone involved and the whole group have formed new friendships and established contacts from many different countries.

So, a big  THANK YOU again to everyone who participated, supported or attended the event. Hopefully we will see you again at future events or in new partnerships!

/ CCIVS Secretariat





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