STEP Training in Africa

The regional training in Africa took place in Ghana and was hosted by the CCIVS member organisation VOLU from the 21st to the 26th of May 2017.

The participants came from different partner organisations involved in this regional STEP  which are :


In May, five African members of CCIVS gathered in Ghana to work on organisational capacity building and impact measurement. Together with 3 experienced CCIVS trainers (Oriol Josa, Francesco Volpini and Matina Delgado) they used the Pentagon model to analyse their organisational weaknesses and strengths. The pentagon model uses 5 dimensions (structure, functioning, financial sustainability, communication and relationships) which are important for every organisation and should be in balance.

Through a set of questions each organisation made a first analysis of their own situation which was then translated into a visual presentation to see how the different dimensions relate to each other. Afterwards different exercises gave the participants some tools to work on understanding and improving the different dimensions of their organisation.
The second part of the training focussed on impact measurement. Which impact do our international volunteering activities have on local communities? The participants got introduced to impact measurement research and got to practice in-depth interviews with each other to be prepared for the field work once back home.

After an intensive 5-day training the participants took off to their respective countries and the trainers visited 2 projects from VOLU Ghana to do some impact measurement interviews. It was an inspiring moment to see how international volunteers engage with local communities to work together for the wellbeing of the local community and to show solidarity.

The first training was evaluated by participants and trainers and preparations were made for the next step. Each trainer departed for a field visit with one of the participating organisations. In each country a one day training with all staff members was carried out to make sure the knowledge and skills transfer from the seminar to the different organisations could happen in good conditions. Linked with this in-house training also local project visits were carried out to conduct more impact interviews.

This first STEP training will be followed by similar trainings in all continents. The aim is to work on a training and capacity building strategy for CCIVS so that we can all together improve our work. A big “Thank you” goes to all the trainers and the host of the training VOLU Ghana! They put a lot of effort in making this training a success and they mobilised all volunteers in the organisation to support this event. We also enjoyed staying in their training centre which immediately made us feel at home. VOLU Ghana is the oldest international volunteer organisation in Africa and has a very rich history. We got to know some old members who have been at the forefront of international volunteering in the past such as Mr. Francis, former CCIVS director, who attended the opening session of the training. While we are preparing the 75th anniversary of CCIVS in 2018 this kind of meetings are worthwhile to remember our past and to reflect upon our future as IVS movement.

Ingrid Danckaerts

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