Final seminar

Common Path Seminar

(22/06-01/07 Experts Team, 25/06-01/07 Steering Team, 26/06-30/06 participants)

The final seminar took place in Holloko, Hungary and was hosted by Egyesek. It was an important occasion for the Steering Team, experts and the representatives of the partners to
gather and:
– share the preliminary findings and results of the field visits;
– evaluate the project implementation quality and lessons learnt;
– discuss the preliminary results and conclusions analysed by the experts;
– feedback on the draft global report on the State of the Art (needs, capacities and impact) of the IVS;
– share insights and develop a common strategy with an outline of the long-term Empowerment and Monitoring programme for IVS youth organisations;

The programme of the meeting focused on the explanation of results diagnosis and a following discussion of the diagnosis including assessment and reports. This led to discussions ion decolonization of the IVS movement and to look at how we should proceed, what are the needs and challenges and how we should be communicating.
There was also an explanation of the impact measurement results, a deep reading of the results per region, challenging the results and discussing on impact and debating on the future for impact measurement.
The group also discussed the ideas for the Long term training program, a new application has been made for STEPS 2, with the objective to further develop the capacities of participating organisations in being able to continue assessment in their regions and to expand the pool of trainers.
Finally, we moved towards the idea of implementing a new long term strategy for the CCIVS based on the project results, which should be undertaken through 2019 and 2020.

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