Steering Team Meeting and Peer-Training of Experts Team

The first phase of the project was dedicated to a detailed planning and development of the training, needs assessment and impact measurement actions which will be implemented during the whole project.

A joint meeting has gathered together members of the Steering Team, a part of which is composed by the Experts Team, and another one by representatives of IVS networks (ICYE, SCI, NVDA, Alliance CCIVS).

The first STEPs meeting took place in Paris in the end of March. This meeting was divided in two parts with the Steering Team Meeting and the Peer-Training of Experts Team.

This Steering Team meeting had 3 main missions :

  • Team : To set the coordination, roles, working methodologies within the group during the whole duration of the project
  • Project : To design in depth the steps of the whole process, its activities, its outcomes and presentation of results
  • Contents : To analyse the preliminary research and agree on the main principles for the training, needs assessment and impact measurement processes in the 4 regions


The Peer-Training of Experts Team has worked on the following :

  • Agree on the common methodology for trainings, visits, and reporting
  • Training and discussion on methods for the 3 main contents of the regional STEPS (needs assessment, training on organisational development, impact measurement)
  • Creation of the final tools to implement the STEPs trainings : pedagogic tools, communication, guidelines and reporting tools


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