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The second STEP took place in the middle of August, in Cambodia. 2 expert trainers, Francesco Volpini and Sudam S J (Sam) were present during this training and Dushan Milojevic of the Alliance was the representant of the Steering Team for the report.

The different participants came from the countries presented below :

 Better World (SOUTH KOREA) BetterWorld
 Ruchi (INDIA) RUCHI logo


CYA (Cambodia)

CYA NEW dd LOGO copy

The training course in Cambodia for STEPS took place at the CYA youth centre between August 10th and 15th, gathering representatives from 5 organisations based in Cambodia, India, South Korea, Thailand and Hong Kong. The training course’s itinerary included an introduction to the Organizational Pentagon developed by CCIVS. Moreover, The participants had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the theoretical framework developed by the member organizations, with the intention of being able to analyse the impact of the international voluntary service movement on personal and professional development levels of those working with international youth exchanges, most notably the work camps. Furthermore, participants also had the chance understand and learn about what the organisations present had in mind in terms of projects.

As a part of a more broad global context, the training course in Asia provided a region-specific analysis which helped further identify the commonalities between stakeholders around the world. In combination with the individual interviews conducted upon the end of the training course, the steering team of the STEPS project is entering the phase of analysis of the data gathered and shaping the outcomes of the project. Those outcomes will be used to support the work and further development of the partner organizations involved in the project, as well provide the member organizations of 4 major IVS networks all over the world to implement their work in a way to assure higher learning outcomes, as well to overcome challenges they have been facing in their implementation. Results of the project are expected to be shared with the networks involved in the project and with the general public in the seminar which is to be hosted in June 2018 by Egysek in Hungary.

Dushan Milojevic





(photo credit: Dushan Milojevic)

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