Training in Latin America

The STEP training in America took place in August, with the presence of 2 expert trainers and one member of the Steering Team coming from the CCIVS.

The different participants came from 5 countries from Latin America:

 Chiriboga (ECUADOR) chiriboga
 SUIIJUVE MExico MEX-siijuve-1030x340

STEP is an ambitious two-year project coordinated by CCIVS and focusing on capacity training, need assessment and impact measurement. The project involves four IVS networks (SCI, Alliance, NVDA, ICYE), with regional trainings taking place in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. The trainers then travel to each of the participating countries in order to implement a specific training for local organisation and to implement local project visits together with the hosts for impact measurement.

The second STEP was the Latin America regional training, it was hosted by ACI Costa Rica in the month of July, and invited Oriol Josa and Gianni Orsini as the trainers and a reporter coming from CCIVS, Vicky Lovelock.

Two participants from each partner organisation – Subir al sur Argentina, SIIJUVE Mexico, ACI Costa Rica, BVBP Peru and Fundacion Chiriboga Ecuador joined the training. During four days there were 16 sessions focusing on three themes, introduction, diagnostics and organisational development (structure, what do we do? how do we work together? what projects do we do? financial sustainability).  There were many very interesting discussions, which allowed for a greater understanding of the IVS sector in Latin America.

Following on from this enriching training, the participants returned to their countries and Oriol and Gianni continued to work directly with ACI providing a direct training for their team and visiting their local projects. Gianni then travelled to Ecuador and Mexico and Oriol to Argentina and Peru to repeat the same processes with the other project partners.

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