4 regional events

The project included 4 regional international events, dedicated to build capacities in the organisations, both on organisational development and on impact measurement. The whole process  also allowed to implement a needs assessment of the participating organisations.

STEP stands for Strategic Training for Empowerment Processes, and is the methodological approach for the whole project.

The events in each region followed the same structure, of course adapting contents to the realities and needs assessed during the preparation and on-the-spot according to the course of the trainings.


The common STEP methodology for each event

a) International training on organisational development and impact measurement : The training had 3 main blocks : organisational development, needs assessment and impact measurement.

b) On the field: Impact measurement itinerary with national training: The itinerary means that the 2 trainers made a field visit-training to each of the partners in their countries, with 2 main missions:

  • Having a 1 day training with other board and staff members of the organisation: together with one of the trainees who attended the International training, bring back the contents to the whole organisation. This allowed the trainees to start being multipliers and deepening on the understanding of the training contents; and allowed the whole organisation to integrate the model and benefit from the international training.
  • 1-2 field visits to implement the impact assessment tools and interview host community members.

c) Conclusions and reporting : Each of the participants in the STEP had a responsibility in terms of conclusions and reporting, in order to seed the following steps of the process.

> Network-Reporters : They wrote a report on the training and the needs-assessment results, in coordination with the training team. They also delivered a spoken report at a main international event of their network.

> Trainers : They had an overall evaluation of each STEP. They reported the whole experience, and also about each of the field visits. They elaborated the impact materials received from local hosts.

> Participants (host partner organisations) : They transcribed, translated and analysed the results of the impact measurement activities, and sent them to the trainers.


All the information you need to know about the 4 regional events  :

More detailed information to come shortly

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